9dollarclub Intro Video

What Is The 9dollarClub?

The concept is simple: we collectively give 100% of membership funds to terrific non-profits, people and causes that help fuel their mission to impact and change lives. 

See and feel the difference we make together. $9 by itself isn't a lot but when combined with other members and put into the hands of passionate non-profits we can do amazing things.  

The monthly gives (donations) focus on specific tangible items and needs that are researched and reviewed. 

The more members, the greater the impact. Membership is 100% tax deductible!

Feature Give Donation Of The Month

This past month we had a wonderful experience working with a nonprofit called Dog World Rescue, an organization that was highly recommended by one of our fellow 9dollarclub members, Erin Donahue (and her pup Libby!) Erin introduced us to Breshkie, the organization’s amazing founder and executive director.

Breshkie was born and raised in Afghanistan and has always had a love for animals. Read More...

Why Other Members Joined 9dc

9dc members want to impact different causes every month.

They want to learn the stories of different charities, events and people that need help and how they are making an impact. 

They want to see exactly where their donation is going - focused on tangible, specific needs and identifiable donations. 

They want to help, but time can be tight to research, identify and find giving opportunities where the biggest impact can be made. 

Latest 12 Month Giving History

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Smiles That I Can't See

Coalition Kitchen