Dog World Rescue

Location: Virginia

Date Founded: 2010

Contact Name: Breshkie


9dc Give Amount: $800

February 28, 2022

This past month we had a wonderful experience working with a nonprofit called Dog World Rescue, an organization that was highly recommended by one of our fellow 9dollarclub members, Erin Donahue (and her pup Libby!) Erin introduced us to Breshkie, the organization’s amazing founder and executive director.

Breshkie was born and raised in Afghanistan and has always had a love for animals. In 1981, after years of enduring terrible conditions of war, Breshkie and her family were dangerously smuggled out of her home country to neighboring Pakistan. Eight members of her family literally left everything behind and spent a year and a half in a one room shelter before finding a sponsor in the US. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, Breshkie and her family arrived in Falls Church. VA where they were given an opportunity for a new life in the United States. She was so profoundly thankful for the kindness and hospitality they were shown that she knew she wanted to spend part of her time helping others. Breshkie started volunteering with a local dog rescue organization in Northern Virginia.

Some time later, Breshkie found herself leading the organization after the original founder ended up moving to California. In 2010, she modified the strategy and founded a new nonprofit called Dog World Rescue.

Rather than simply shoot for volume, Breshkie’s organization puts a tremendous amount of care and effort in the transition process for both dog and family. Unfortunately, a majority of her rescued dogs have endured extremely difficult circumstances and are often traumatized and vulnerable. It can be a very challenging transition and Breshkie and her team are there for their dogs and humans every step of the way.

What Did We Give?

Dog World Rescue is an all volunteer organization. They have use of a “person farm” where they can kennel 10-20 dogs at a time while they await foster homes (there is one image below that gives you an idea of the property). There is a large fenced in area the dogs can run and explore but sometimes it is necessary to isolate certain dogs, such as pregnant mothers or more vulnerable puppies, to help acclimate or protect them from more aggressive dogs. She is now planning on building a separate, smaller fenced area adjacent to the barn giving direct access to the kennels. With your February donation, the $9dollarclub will be giving Dog World Rescue $800 which is the remaining funds needed to have the fence installed for this project! Breshkie is thrilled with the opportunity to move forward on setting up this new area that will be an important upgrade for some of their most vulnerable dogs.

We want to once again thank Erin Donahue for introducing us to Breshkie and her service that has helped place more than 800 dogs to their forever homes. Everyone who knows Erin also knows about her long and wonderful experience with her much loved Libby, a rescued pup from Dog World Rescue. That connection would have never happened if not for Breshkie and her organization. We are humbled to be small part of their future plans and look forward to hearing many more success stories.