Got Questions?

We have answers.  Read through these FAQs and if you don't see something here then feel free to contact us.      

What types of organizations will my membership money be donated to?

Every organization that we give to will be a nonprofit organization as recognized by their federal filing status such as 501c3's, not-for-profit organization, public or private foundation or charity.  We will not focus on any one particular cause or even genre of giving but rather intentionally seek out a variety of organizations.  We want our members to be exposed to and learn about many different causes that may include local, statewide, national and international organizations. If you believe strongly in one organization or cause then we encourage you to work directly with that organization. If you like the idea of being able to make an impact to multiple organizations while learning about their mission then the 9dollarclub is for you. 

How do I know where my donations are going?

This is an important issue and one of the main purposes of the 9dollarclub.  Each month, we will send a newsletter that informs our club member who we donated to, why we picked their organization, what they will do with the donations, and how it will make an impact. We will also post the month's activity on this website, so you can always see what the 9dollarclub is doing on your behalf. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms for frequent updates as well. We are targeting to have 90%+ of our membership dues and donations go to these organizations and we want to find equally efficient organizations where we will make the biggest impact. 

How do you choose the organizations to give to?

All charities or organizations must meet the acceptable description of a non-profit organization or charity. Organizations will be chosen after an internal vetting and research process to make sure we are working with a fully functioning, dedicated, and credible cause that we can help make an impact. We will also make sure that our donated funds get used exactly in the way we intend based on the specific needs of the organizations that we are trying to help.  All final decisions will be made by a committee of our founders and initial board members.

The Selection Committee (SC) will initially consist of the three founding board members. 

In the near future, a system will be created that gives our fellow club members the opportunity to "nominate" causes or charities they may know or be associated with.  A questionnaire and application will be available on our website.  Applicants may be interviewed, even asked to make a short presentation to the SC as to why the 9dollarclub should be considering their nominee.

Who should consider the 9dollarclub?

Anyone who can afford $9 a month and wants to do feel good while doing good, all the time.  

Who makes up the 9dollarclub?

Regular everyday people. Most people want to be charitable and make a difference. We are all often inspired when we hear about extraordinary people who do extraordinary things to help others. But in our busy lives and tight budgets, it can be difficult to find ways to pitch in and be a part of something bigger. The 9dollarclub is your chance!

Is the 9dollarclub a nonprofit organization?

Yes. The 9dollarclub is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Virginia. We are registered as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization with the Internal Revenue Service and have a Federal Tax ID of 85-4276628. 

Are my membership fees tax deductible? 

Yes. As a 501(c)3 organization, your membership is tax deductible. We will send a summary letter of your individual contribution by the end of each calendar year.    

Does the 9dollarclub support or donate to political campaigns or candidates?

No. The 9dollarclub is a strictly nonpolitical organization and will never donate directly to any political campaign or candidate. As an organization, 9dollarclub expressly does not endorse or openly support any candidates in any political race at the local, state or federal level.    

Can 9dollarclub choose organizations more than once?

Yes. Although it is unlikely we would choose the same organization within a 12 month period.  Our main goal is to make an impact. If we find a terrific organization that we can help be even more successful, we will absolutely consider future opportunities to compound our impact.     

What if I want to cancel my automatic donations?

While we hope you will never want to cancel your participation in 9dollarclub, we certainly understand that things change.  If you need to cancel or if you are unhappy with the club for any reason, you may cancel your involvement or donations at anytime. Check out your profile page when logged in for a link to cancel your contributions. 

Can more than one family member give $9 a month?

Absolutely. We highly encourage you to get your friends and family involved! Just remember it's $9 per person. In my house, including my wife and two children, we donate $36 a month. That's $9 for each of our four family members. It is a wonderful experience to share with the family, and it gives us a chance as parents to expose our children to challenges that our world faces everyday.  We certainly encourage teaching anyone that by working together, we can all make a difference in other people's lives.  

Will 9dollarclub donations be used on the other organizations overhead?

It is important to understand that overhead is a necessary component to running any organization. It is an unfortunate reality that many fantastic organizations are held back or in some cases fail completely - not because of a lack of great ideas and dedicated people, but because they do not invest enough resources into the process and structure of their organization. We strive to be as efficient as possible with a goal of 90% of proceeds going to causes. 

Can I volunteer?

YES. While the 9dollarclub has been designed to run extremely efficiently with as few moving parts as possible, every organization needs great people. Email us at if you are interested in being a volunteer.

Will you share or sell my name as a donor?

Absolutely not. We will not sell or share our member list or contact information with any 3rd party marketing organization. We understand that some organizations use their donor list as a source of revenue by selling that information to others. But that often leads to an annoying, counterproductive cycle of being contacted and in some cases hassled by numerous organizations looking to connect with a "giver".  We are 9dollarclub members too, and we will not sell or share any information about our membership. 

To learn more about the 9dollarclub, please see our About Us page.  Or if you have any additional questions contact us at

"9dollarclub" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Virginia, United States