Gavi Sports Foundation

Location: Lowell, MA & Aflao, Ghana

Founded Date: June 20, 2007

Contact Name: Joebanna Gavi



9dc Give Amount: $500

Video: Watch the story below


These are some updated pictures from our Gavi Sports Foundation - the amateur team from Aflao is sporting new uniforms and ready to play in their league matches!  


The Story

In late March, we had the pleasure of meeting Joebanna Gavi as part of the search for organizations where 9dc could make an impact and their first membership donation give. After our conversations with Joebanna, we realized this organization would be a terrific fit for the 9dc mission. 

Originally from Aflao, a small border town in Ghana, Africa, Joebanna immigrated to the United States 8 years ago in search of better opportunities for his family. He is very happy and proud to be here in the US, but he has remained concerned and connected to the struggles that many face back in Aflao. There are significant economic and social challenges including poverty, gangs and drugs that easily flow across the border from neighboring Togo. He told us how important soccer is to the community and providing a way to keep kids away from the dangerous realities of life there.

What started as a couple trips to local Salvation Army stores to look for used cleats, is now the Gavi Sports Foundation. Joebanna focuses his energy on finding and shipping lightly used equipment, cleats and balls back to Ghana to share with as many kids as possible. After hearing his story and learning more, we wanted to explore how we could help!

Back in Aflao, they created an amateur soccer club between the ages of 14-18 that travel and host games from neighboring towns. It is a great opportunity for the kids to advance in to a higher level of play and maybe find future success in the game. It also gives the younger youth kids something to strive for. The impact of this team will go way beyond the soccer pitch. Joebanna and his coaches also want the youth kids to experience the responsibility of being on this team and help them grow to find opportunities and become leaders in the community.  

What Did We Give?

Joebanna asked if we could help him purchase proper uniforms for the team to give the players a sense that they belong on the amateur level playing field and create more unity within the team. He also talked about the continuous need for equipment for the youth level kids. There is not a lot of opportunity to succeed and the creation of a successful sports team could create recurring benefits for the current players, future players and the community.

With your March and April membership donation (spread the word - the more members the more we can help!), we are very happy to report as a member of the 9dollarclub, YOU are helping to buy new uniforms for the “Star Warriors” soccer club in Aflao, Ghana. 

You are also helping to purchase additional equipment and soccer balls to be distributed to the younger youth teams as well. We learned that many of these youth are unable to afford equipment which the 9dc is helping with. 

The 9dc has since met with a few people here in the United States with connections in to the “soccer world” and we are helping to connect them with Gavi Sports Foundation to hopefully organize some donation centers across the country to collect lightly used cleats and equipment in the future! Although we didn’t ask for it, Joebanna was so grateful for the help, he insisted in putting the “9dollarclub” name on the jerseys!

It is difficult to quantify the impact a soccer team like the Star Warriors can make to this community. There is no doubt this give is going to make a real difference in how the team is viewed and looked up to especially by the younger players. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know Joebanna and the Gavi Sports Foundation.

We look forward to sharing updates and progress of the Gavi Sports Foundation and future impact that the 9dc is making. We are honored to work with someone so dedicated to his vision!


Video with Joebanna, Founder of Gavi Sports

Background on Gavi Sports Foundation

Gavi Sports Foundation (GSF) is a non-profit organization under Federal code Section 501(c)(3) set up to promote sports, education and quality life among young people with less privilege. This organization supports activities like sports programs, training events, distribution of donated goods and public services to promote success, good health and quality life among people in our under-deserved communities and villages in West Africa.

Their Mission

The organization aims to provide equal opportunity for every single underprivileged child to give them a chance to develop in sports and education.

Their Vision

  • To provide necessary support for all children and young adults.
  • To supports schools, education centers and individuals with learning tools, materials and equipment to provide quality education for our children to advance.
  • To support Juvenile teams with sports equipment to create good chances for children to play and develop their talents.

Their Goal

Trying to get children out of street in underserved communities across West Africa.

The organization works together with local and international donors to extend their hands to motivate people, teams and individuals that provide training and education to children. The organization aims to collecting slightly used and new from donors and redistributing jerseys, balls, cleats and others training equipment and maintaining playgrounds to provides comfortable grounds for playing. 

"9dollarclub" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Virginia, United States