Martha's Table

Location: Washington DC

Date Founded: 1980

Contact Name: Sean Noyes



9dc Give Amount: $500

Video: See Below

November 23, 2021

Martha's Table has been around for 41 years - that's a long time. Throughout the years, they continued to expand their programs and positive impact they have on the community. They have been helping the Washington DC area with a variety of programs across education, wellness and servicing the community. 

Some of their most popular programs include the support of children and young adults with high-quality learning experiences that help them thrive from cradle to career with nationally accredited early childhood education, after school enrichment programs, and college and career readiness training to promote lifelong success.

Food and nutrition have been at the heart and soul of Martha’s Table since opening in 1980. They operate monthly Community Markets which aim to increase access to healthy food and support children and their families in making healthy choices. They also operate McKenna’s Wagon which serves 200 hot meals to the areas underprivileged every day 365 days a year.  

Martha's table started a winter coat giveaway last year where they look for new or very gently used coats in all sizes for children, teens and adults.  

We had the chance to talk with Sean Noyes who was responsible for organizing the winter coat give away. "This event is extremely important was so popular in it's first year last year that we wanted to make sure to do it again" he explained. "It helps people of all ages, from less fortunate families with younger children to older adults who often need a nice jacket as part of attending job interviews and professional events." 

What Did We Give?

With our November 2021 give, the 9dollarclub is proud to help one of Washington DC's most effective, longest tenured, well rounded and financially efficient charitable organizations. Winter coats are in extremely high demand, especially this time of the year. We are happy to report that the 9dollarclub was able to purchase 20 new jackets for area families! The entire team at Martha's Table was extremely appreciative of this tangible donation and they said the timing could not have been any better for their big event that happened this past Saturday November 20th. They were able to distribute nearly 1600 coats between 7AM and 12:30 PM! That sounds like a lot, but they actually ran out and are in the process of continuing to find and order more coats for others in the community - they wrote down the names of approximately 200 other families in the area. 

Below is a quick "thank you" video with the jackets we purchased.   

"9dollarclub" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Virginia, United States