One Family Gives

Location: Chantilly, Virginia

Date Founded: 2020

Contact Name: David Keuhner



9dc Give Amount: $550


September 11, 2021

September 11th stirs strong emotions in all of us. Those that lived through it remember that clear September day, watching the towers collapse, the Pentagon on fire and the countless stories of heroism from "Let's Roll" on United flight 93 to the first responders who lost their lives, many knowing they would not make it out of the towers alive in an attempt to save others. 

September 12th became one of the most unifying days in the history of the United States as the country mourned the loss of what would become over 3,000 lives. Countries and people from all over the world stood with the United States in kindness and mourning, including the story of the Massai people of Kenya who made a symbolic gesture of 12 cows which was their tradition "to heal a sorrowing heart, give something that is dear to your own."  

Twenty years later, we are remembering 9/11, our nations veterans and first responders, many of whom used that day to make a change. One Family Gives honored the day with a celebration that was patriotic, memorable and honorable. The non profit was founded by David Keuhner who has a long history of helping Gold Star families, wounded warriors along with countless other selfless impacts including helping Washington DC homeless, natural disasters and other needs often with the selfless question of “What do you all need?” He is a proven selfless leader who gives back and remembers others.

For those that don't know, A Gold Star family is recognition of a spouse, parent, sibling, child that gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. The 9dollarclub knows firsthand what it means to those families. Although a tragic event for his family, 9dollarclub board member Mike Ryan is a proud Gold Star son as his father made the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.  Mike only spent 3 months with his Dad before he was deployed to Vietnam as a Marine Aviator flying the F-4 Phantom.  After 300 missions, his Dad was shot down in the early days of the Vietnam War the day before Mike’s first birthday. For over 45 years, his Dad was missing as they were never able to identify his remains - only to find them after numerous excavations and eventually bring him home in 2017 in what was a truly touching Arlington Cemetery burial.

The 9dollarclub is proud and honored to be able to recognize One Family Gives, the tremendous work of Dave Keuhner. His September 11th Freedom Celebration event sold over 1,000 tickets raising funds for the Woody Williams Foundation which honors, recognizes, serves Gold Star Families and remembers the legacy of their Loved Ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

What Are We Helping To Purchase?

The 9dollarclub is making a contribution towards the creation of a new Gold Star Families Memorial Monument in Chesapeake, VA. Gold star families have been overwhelmed with appreciation and recognition of these memorial gardens. Watch this video that shares the impact it can have on families. Mike knows first hand what a gold star memorial can mean to families that have lost someone and as a symbolic gesture to recognize those who have given all.  

This was a first in person event and give donation for the 9dollarclub. There are certain moments you will always remember when you can see and feel the emotion and what it means to others. Listening the story of an 85 year old veteran describing his son who lost his life saving the life of others, seeing other Gold Star families together and veterans recognized up on stage were of a few of those moments we'll always remember. The 9dollarclub thanks One Family Gives, Dave Keuhner for being a part of this day and like the Massai people done,  he is constantly giving to help heal a sorrowing heart.  

Video of the 9dollarclub donation to David Keuhner of One Family Gives.

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