Pinky Swear

Location: Edina, Minnesota

Date Founded: 2003

Contact Name: Erica Campbell



9dc Give Amount: $750

August 29, 2022

Money can be set aside for retirement, or future education plans, but nobody really prepares an emergency fund for cancer treatment. Mitch was only nine years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer, and overheard just how much of a financial toll cancer can take on families. After listening to another family's conversation about lack of Christmas funds, Mitch asked his father to go to the bank and withdraw all the funds from his personal savings. He sealed envelopes filled with the cash he withdrew, and delivered them to kids on the pediatric oncology floor of his hospital.

Mitch exclaimed how much fun his action was, wanting to return again next year and do the exact same thing. Mitch's father gently explained that Mitch may not be here to complete the task next Christmas, prompting Mitch to make a promise. "Dad, promise me you will keep helping kids with cancer! Pinky swear with me that you will do it forever!" Unfortunately, Mitch passed away in the spring of 2003. His father has continued to carry on his legacy, keeping the promise made to help kids with cancer for as long as he lives. 

Built on the promise back in December 2002, The Pinky Swear Foundation was founded to provide immediate support for children suffering a cancer diagnosis and their families. Since then, they have supported over 16,000 families through a variety of different programs, providing more than $20 million in financial support. 

The Pinky Swear Foundation helps meet the needs of families with a child battling cancer entirely through donations. Any family is able to apply for support, and Pinky Swear works directly with these families to ensure they can make an impactful contribution. 

Through the All-Star Fund, Pinky Swear makes financial contributions to support families in paying for rent/mortgages, auto and insurance payments, groceries, gas, and other necessary items. This way, families can focus on paying for hospital bills and treatment of their child. Pinky Swear also offers All-Star Experiences, a series of video calls between a child and a college student to complete fun activities together virtually. Some activity genres include baking, fashion, sports, and games, among others. Through this program, children have the opportunity to take their minds off their diagnosis and de-stress through pursuing their interests. 

What is the 9dollarclub doing to help?

We had the opportunity to virtually meet with Executive Director, Erica Campbell of Pinky Swear. Her passion towards supporting children and their families radiated through the computer screen. She told a story of holding onto hope, and chasing after a job position that would allow her to do what she had always wanted: help children with cancer. Her story reflects the organization's value of providing hope for the families they support, who turn to Pinky Swear in the greatest time of need.

Erica explained that one of the greatest current needs is funding groceries and gas for Pinky Swear families. Most money spent by families is on hospital expenses; therefore, these donations prove beneficial in allowing families to not worry about these ancillary expenses on top of those significant medical bills. 

This August, the 9dollarclub is giving a $500 grocery gift card to a family in need, in addition to a $250 gas gift card to a separate family in need. Both of these donations will remove additional stress from families who are focusing on paying hospital bills and being there for their child emotionally. 

Please watch a short video from Erica and a few videos that show the history and impact Pink Swear is having on kids with cancer and their families.  

"9dollarclub" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Virginia, United States