Second Chances Garage

Location: Frederick, Maryland

Date Founded: 2010

Contact Name: John Grupenhoff



9dc Give Amount: $750

February 25, 2022 - See the Video

It's sometimes hard to capture in words the type of impact we can make for people, hopefully the below video and pictures do a little justice of the type of impact that we are helping to make. The visit to Second Chances Garage in Frederick Maryland on February 25th to be a part of their car program donation program was special. We felt first hand what this means to those in need and met the amazing staff that helps make reliable transportation for families a reality. Please watch the video below to see some of the highlights and Board Member Maddie Zipper providing the check that covered the refurbishing (safety inspection, tires, worn out parts) for a new vehicle for Brian.   

February 20, 2022

Without a car, it is difficult to have regular access to food, education, and healthcare, let alone be considered for employment opportunities that can help raise income levels. At Second Chances Garage in Frederick Maryland, they help low-income, wage earning individuals and families get access to affordable transportation which empowers individuals and families to become more independent and pursue success in life. 

Rick Trawick founded Second Chances Garage a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in 2010. Rick has always had an interest in vehicles and noticed a great need for reliable transportation for those who have lower incomes to help with self-sufficiency, stable employment, and the care of children. Over the years, Rick has passionately helped others obtain reliable transportation and surrounded himself with other passionate individuals to carry out the mission of Second Chances Garage. Unexpected car expenses can also be a big financial set back and Second Chances Garage makes this easier with reduced cost repairs program for those that are economically vulnerable. 

Over last month, the 9dollarclub has gotten to know John Grupenhoff who oversees the daily shop operations. John has helped grow the organization from a staff of 2 to the full facilities and operations that exists today. One of the programs that John helped start was the the Apprenticeship Program (started in 2019 and made possible by the continuous financial support of GEARWRENCH). The program outfits new technicians with the equipment needed to launch their career and allows apprentices to focus on educational growth. Every year Second Chances Garage provides apprenticeship opportunities to 2 individuals.

What Is the 9dollarclub doing to help?

Second Chances Garage has a program called "Program Vehicle Deliveries". They take in donated cars and refurbish them to make the cars ready for a "second chance" donation to a family in need. The families in need are identified by state approved agencies which vet, qualify and approve the families for transportation donations. Donated vehicles are refurbished by Second Chances Garage with new tires, replacement of worn out parts, brakes and everything needed to ensure the recipient family has a safe and reliable car. To date, they have refurbished 276 cars for families in need of reliable transportation! 

9dollarclub is honored to be sponsoring the cost of refurbishing a recently donated car that is being given to a local family in need!  Owning a car is empowering, uplifting and gives people a sense of freedom, independence and other income increasing opportunities. There is less concern and stress about taking kids to school, getting to work reliably or making doctors’ appointments. Owning a car creates momentum in the right direction and facilitates the path towards independent living.

What is exciting for this month, is the 9dollarclub gets to be a part of this celebratory day where "Brian" and "Kristen" will be receiving their refurbished donated cars on February 25th! 

"9dollarclub" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Virginia, United States