Toby Holles - Co-Founder & Executive Director

Toby and his family were originally inspired by a cow that Toby’s wife “donated” through an international organization. This become the inspiration for 9dc and he continues to lead the vision for the 9dc that aims to impact the world and share their stories. His background is in sales and marketing and is a life long entrepreneur that has worked with hundreds of small businesses developing and executing direct marketing programs and platforms. 

Dan Zipper Co-Founder & Board Member

Dan and his family were always excited about finding a good way they could help make an impact. An entrepreneur at heart, Dan has previously organized multiple charity events and successfully founded, built, and sold a commercial business. He is excited to spread the stories of how the 9dc is making an impact and is committed to ensuring donations are tangible and efficient. He is responsible for the technology and infrastructure of 9dc. 

Mike Ryan - Co-Founder & Board Member

Mike has a long history of starting, organizing and growing non profit events and organizations that have made an impact. He is excited to support 9dc on the leadership team to help grow membership, be a champion for the 9dc mission and a true catalyst for the greatest possible impact in support of others. He works in higher education and corporate leader with a passion for making a difference through charitable work.  He brings over twenty five years’ experience in talent management, sales, marketing and career services. 

Maddie Zipper - Co-Founder & Board Member

Maddie is a high school student who loves to participate in philanthropic activities and has helped to shape the 9dc from Day 1. She helps to identify and review various causes and organizations that are making tangible impact on the world. Maddie directs the 9dc social media platforms, creates content for the site, and engages the growing member community. (Make sure to follow us @9dollarclub on IG/FB to stay up to date with 9dc happenings!)

"9dollarclub" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Virginia, United States